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I am not a tattoo artist (yet)! I cannot actually tattoo you, but I am more than happy to provide a design that your licensed tattoo artist can then tattoo on you. DO NOT use these designs without my permission! If you would like a design that you see here, please contact me to make sure that it has not been claimed by another person yet.  Also, please do not get my work tattooed without purchasing a tattoo ticket from me. This can be discussed over e-mail. A tattoo ticket is basically a permission slip from me, to both you and your tattoo artist, that grants you both permission to use my design. This does not mean you or your artist own the design or can claim that it is your original work, you are only granted permission to tattoo my work. These designs are not free to use! If you like the general style of my work but none of these pre-made designs particularly appeal to you, I would LOVE to work together on a custom design! Just send an e-mail or a DM regarding a design inquiry. I particularly love drawing plants and funny little animals. Thank you!

Flash Sheet 01
Flash Sheet 03
Funky Friend
Star Flower
Little Home
Flash Sheet 04
Dog with No Bite
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